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Wolf Cub Achievement Update 05-14-09

Friday, May 15th, 2009

Wolf Parents,

First Announcement – I WAS WRONG [Elias was right] – there is sunblock rated 85-90 SPF (must feel like glue). I owe him an ice cream cone.

Second Announcement – I would like to welcome Nikolas (and his father Bryan) into the Wolf Den. Nikolas, Ronnie, and Elias are classmates together in school. Kudos to Ethan and Elias for showing him the ropes.

Be sure to get your scout ready for Bears because we will officially transition in the Bear Den next month. Last night we covered achievement 12B from the BEAR handbook.

I have a few more activities for the scouts to complete while I gather the pieces for our Crystal Radio Project. The scouts will build a small radio powered only by radio waves (Bear Elective 3). I will base our radio off of ScienceWiz’s Inventions Kit I bought at Target for $24.
ScienceWiz Crystal Radio Set

I could use your help if you know of any HAM radio operators to help me obtain:

  • A pack of Schottky diodes
  • Ceramic Earphones
  • 1 inch paper fasteners

I will check Radio Shack for the 28 gauge magnet wire and other supplies.

Here was our secret decoder
23-8-1-20 9-19 19-13-1-18-20-5-18 20-8-1-14 1 20-1-12-11-9-14-7
1 19-16-5-12-12-9-14-7 2-5-5!